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Has your piano lost its tune? Get professional piano tuning services at Quality Piano Tuning in Belleville. Hisen is a qualified piano tuner and a passionate pianist with over 15 years of experience in piano tuning, repairs and appraisals. Get your piano inspected by our expert.

We perform piano inspection services and also advice you on buying the right piano. If you are planning to purchase a used piano it is always necessary to get it checked by a professional. Feel free to call us or drop by our store.

What's Concert Pitch?
Concert pitch A440 (A above middle C vibrating at 440 times per second) is a universally accepted pitch to which all instruments should be tuned.

What’s a Pitch Raise?
When you don’t tune your piano for a long time the pitch of the piano starts to drop away from where it should be. We will have to raise the tension of over 200 strings; this puts a lot of strain on the piano’s structure. So we first raise all the strings to their proper average tension levels and then the piano can be accurately tuned.

Why Tuning Concert Pitch is Important?
When a piano is not tuned in concert pitch that is A440, it will cause its player to adjust his/her ear to improper pitch.

What Happens If You Do Not Tune Your Piano Regularly?
Not tuning your piano for a couple of years may result in damaging the instrument. Furthermore, it may require more than one tuning session to get the instrument back in tune.

Why It's Important to Tune after a Move?
Because after a session when you allow the piano to settle due to humidity and temperature the pitch of the piano changes.

How Often Should You Tune Your Piano?
The minimum time is once per year but really anytime is the best.

Why Should You Tune If the Piano Isn't Played Often?
Neglecting to tune the piano for a long time may result in complex problems. The more times the pitch of the piano is off, pitch raises are required. Doing a pitch raise more often carries the risk of string breakage and may result in costly repairs.

Brands Carried

  • Yamaha

  • Kawai

  • Young chang

  • Steigerman

  • Bergmann

  • Wurlitzer

  • Heintzman

  • Mason & Risch

  • Winter & Co.

  • Willis & Co.

  • Lesage

  • Samick

  • Grotrian

  • Evans Bros

  • Essex

  • Wm Knabe & Co.®

  • Newcombe

  • Weber

  • Boston

  • Baldwin®

  • Steinway & Sons

Products and/or Services

  • Piano tuning, regular, and pitch raise

  • Basic Repair

  • Sticky keys

  • Unfunction keys

  • Piano inspection

  • piano appraisal


  • Child piano studies advice and suggestion

  • Used piano value and appraisal

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Mandarin

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